Frequently Asked Questions

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What vaccines does my dog require?
What else does my dog need to have in order to join to Splash?
Do you accept titers?
Do you allow unaltered dogs to attend daycare and to board at Splash?
Is there an extra cost for unaltered dogs?
My female dog is in heat; can I still bring her for boarding or daycare?
What type of temperament are you looking for in dogs approved for daycare/boarding?
My dog has separation anxiety; can he come to Splash to try to get over it?
I would like to visit your facility before bringing my dog in; can I drop by any time?
Do I need an appointment to bring my dog to daycare?
Do I need an appointment to board my dog?
What should I bring for my dog’s boarding?
Will my dog wear his collar in the play area?
Can I arrange for early drop-off / late pick-ups?
What is a Temperament Assessment?
Do dogs sleep separately or slumber party style?
By what time do I have to drop off my dog for boarding?
Who should I list as my emergency contact?
My dog hasn’t been there in over three months; can I still bring my dog for daycare?
My dog doesn’t get along well with other dogs. Can you still accommodate him for a day or overnight stay?
At what point will daycare charges be added to my boarding cost?
Do you provide bathing or grooming services?
What are your office hours?

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